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We believe that the product is not only a “Object” and should be “Communication method for living together and “The bond”. Thinking about the product is to think about users health and prosperity. “Encounter”, “Communication” and “Technology” between manufacturer and users can actualize. Air Tool of Kuken has been started from such concept and has been advanced. Furthermore our product will be advanced with the communication with the users to seek more friendly dynamism.

E-SMOOTH INDUSTRIAL TRADING carries various industrial tools automotive, electronics, appliance and semiconductor manufacturing. Items such as Electric Screwdrivers, Screw Feeders, etc. from VESSEL, Air impact Wrench, Air Sander, Air Polisher from Kuken. We likewise have items such as Bits, Pneumatic drivers, wrenches, air dusters and other hand tools. Our primary objective is to maintain our current partnership with the leading Manufacturing Company in the Philippines and to build or acquire with the new ones. This can be obtain by supplying quality tools and delivery before the given time. Our Technical Sales Support are available whenever there is concern or inquiry about Pneumatic.



Kuken Air Tools: KW-1600Spro-N

Kuken Air Tools: KW-1600Spro-N A nice compact design with good ergonomics. The unit sits balanced on your hand, without being nose heavy. This is not a composite construction, and yet it weighs a very respectable 1.46kg / 3.2lbs.

Vessel Tools 100th anniversary 1916-2016

Vessel Tools, Japan.

Shinano SI-1357 3/8" Short Size Impact Wrech

For car maintenance. It’s easy to use in small places.

Delvo DLV-7140 electric screwdriver

Delvo Screwdriver