No.4600 POZIDRIV Screwdriver

p_hasaki.jpg jikucyou.gif

Size EDP No.
mm mm mm mm PCS
PZ1×75 PZNo.1 75 5 28 172 6 152121
PZ2×100 PZNo.2 100 6 31 204 6 152122
PZ3×150 PZNo.3 150 8 35 265 6 152123

Same as the SUPADRIV, the basic shape is a cross recess of 4 equally-thick blades. This prevents annoying CAM-OUT and transmits strong torque to the screw.

●Various bits are available in addition to screwdrivers.

※POZIDRIV and SUPADRIV are patented by and registered trademarks of
EIS Corp. in the UK.
Vessel is licensed by EIS Corp. to use the technology.

Distributed by E-Smooth Industrial Trading

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