Impact Wrench

  KUKEN pneumatic impact wrenches are our main products that are designed and developed under the study of impact mechanism.
We have 6 different impact clutches. And we offer a large selection of impact wrenches.1. KUKEN Original N-TYPE Clutch (patented)
Lightest weight, lowest vibration level, and long lasting clutch
2. Pinless Hammer Clutch
Developed from Single Hammer Clutch, Light weight and high durability.
3. Twin Hammer Clutch
Light weight and high power
4. Pin Clutch
Light weight and high power clutch for extra-large impact wrenches
5. Rocking Dog Clutch
Well balanced and very simple clutch
6. Double Hammer Clutch
For small and medium size impact wrenches. Suitable for soft joint applications


  • Stable impact…Improved irregular impact which conventional tool has.
  • Compact & light weight…Much compact size compare with conventional tool and less air consumption too.
  • Stable lubrication function…Grease doesn’t fly off from important part
  • Better durability…No jumping action of part like conventional wrench. Torque power doesn’t deteriorate for a long period.


  • U-bolt setting work for medium/large truck.
  • Tyre setting work of heavy truck or bus.
  • Assembly/disassembly work of construction machinery.